Let’s bring the energy back.

Positivity and drive are what fuel successful businesses. So we create space for you to focus on running your organisation with the enthusiasm you had on day one.

Why byDiffusion

We’ll help you become the business you want to be.

Our team image
Our team image

Stuck? Know where you want to go, but not how to get there? Missing the skills, unity or motivation to make the changes you need?

We’re a consultancy that helps businesses of all sizes to evolve, improve and overcome the challenges holding them back. From SMEs struggling to recruit the right leaders to corporates striving to remain current and competitive.

Today’s breakneck pace adds incredible pressure. How do you prepare to get ahead when you’re running just to stand still? Often, it’s best to take a breather.

We make space for you to think about the way forward. To get excited about the possibilities.

To plan for a fresh start. And make it happen.

diffusion noun /dɪˈfjuː.ʒən/

The spreading of something more widely

We’re not rule-followers, but we do have strong principles.

These are the ones we live and work by.

Put people first

It’s people that make a business flourish or flounder. Tech and processes are crucial enablers, but only when shaped around those using them. So we put people first and centre – and help you unlock the collective power of yours.

Find clarity

Running a business can get complicated. But business consultancy doesn’t need to be complex to be effective. We focus on the outcomes you want to achieve, help you find a clear way forward and make sure everyone understands the route and stays on track.

Bring the energy

Good things happen when driven by plenty of positive energy. That can wane during difficult times, so we bring it in truckloads. We stoke enthusiasm for the outstanding business you can be. And fire up the energy make it a reality.

Nurture leadership

To be a great business, you need great leaders. It’s not just about the C-suite, though. We believe everyone plays a part in leadership. So we help develop inspiring, capable leaders throughout your organisation – at every level.

Stay open

Big challenges often need big thinking. We stay open minded and objective. And get creative in our approach, bringing you plenty of fresh ideas to consider and try. Because what works for one company doesn’t always work for another.

“I have worked with both Sat and Mike individually in the past and I have no doubt, they're creating a great business that’s also a real force for good”

Andrew Herd

Chief Digital Officer

How we work

Consultancy shaped around you, your business, your challenges and what you want to achieve.

The support and guidance you get from us is completely bespoke. But our approach is always the same and it follows this flow.

Diagram of our process on our fourth step of "Make it happen".
Get curious.

Get curious

We never assume to know the answers. So we always begin by asking, listening and learning. We talk to you, your people and your customers to get clear on your past, your starting point and your aspirations.

Make space to think.

Make space to think

We introduce new ideas and perspectives for you to explore. And create time and space for you to think things through – both current difficulties and future opportunities.

Make a plan.

Make a plan

We suggest the routes you could take to achieve what you’re aiming for. And help you make confident decisions, and a well-structured plan, for a future built on sturdy foundations.

Make it happen.

Make it happen

We roll up our sleeves and help you fulfil your plans for change. If something doesn’t work, we learn from it and move on. When something does work, it becomes part of your strategy. The specifics of what we can do for you are as varied as the businesses we work with.

It might include, for example:

• Business and change strategy
• Product and delivery management
• Service and user-centred design
• Leadership and team coaching
• Executive search and recruitment
• Fractional leadership support

Bring the energy

Positivity, drive and enthusiasm are fuel for success. We bring them in abundance.

Diagram of our process starting with "Get curious".Diagram of our process on our second step of "Make space to think".Diagram of our process on our third step of "Make a plan".Diagram of our process on our fourth step of "Make it happen".Full diagram showing our process so lets bring the energy.
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